I design and develop interactive dynamical systems for virtual and augmented reality games and simulations.



A few good things said about my work.

  • 'Rawbots' lets you build the Wall-E of your dreams

    Lego Mindstorms in video game form

    Managing complexity by carefully designing simple axiomatic building blocks. Then you can let your robot loose in an open world where you're encouraged to experiment.

  • Touch Arcade on Grokion

    This game looked impressive in screenshots, but seeing it in motion is something else.

    In the two videos he has posted we see multiple weapons, using missiles to break things, a grappling hook to solve physics puzzles, and many other amazing things that have come out of this one-man wolfpack of iPhone development.

  • Slide to Play

    There’s a good reason for Briscas’s longevity, and this classy iPhone game definitely does it justice.

    For a casual card game, Briscas looks fantastic. The game is fully animated, and includes special effects like lightning bolts and earthquakes for winning big tricks.

  • Before YouTube and Twitter

    Stuff I did when nobody was looking.

    Biggest educational portal in Latin America. 3D animated movie for Univision. Partnered with Microsoft to create double-entry accounting and payroll system. School management software for 1500 schools. Musics videos, my own CD, and Kids TV Show.

  • And
    it moves!

About Me

With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk.

Alex Rozgo

Dynamical Systems Engineer

I’m interested in crazy ideas, body tech upgrades, life extension, curing cancer; or creating virtual worlds where none of this matters.

Unreal Engine 4 is my engine of choice. Using physics, AI and control systems for building immersive experiences with HTC Vive and Oculus.

More than 8 years working with Unity3D, more than 9 years building for mobile and more than 20 years developing games. Have worked on everything from TRS-80 to Xbox and Playstation, graphics and networking, audio and physics.

Nothing is harder than building simple things. I manage complexity by building blocks from first principles. Love the speed of C and beauty of Haskell. I'm functional first, design with types and develop with tests.


Including but not limited to the usual suspects

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Currently busy, but free to talk about creating unique experiences.